Our Company

Jamse established Dironsourcing in 2018, strategically positioning the company in Foshan, a city celebrated for its strong industrial foundation and diverse industries. Foshan is renowned for its flourishing sectors such as ceramics, furniture, home appliances, and textiles, making it a perfect location for a sourcing company.

As a leading sourcing agent in China, Dironsourcing has successfully helped thousands of sellers across the globe import goods from China. Our exceptional services and a dedicated team of over 60 staff members have made this possible, ensuring our clients receive the best possible support.


Our Mission

Sourcing from China can be a daunting task for new importers, and at Dironsourcing, we take their concerns seriously, particularly for e-commerce business owners. Our mission is to simplify and secure the entire sourcing process by helping our clients find the best manufacturers, ensuring the quality of their products, and arranging for shipments to be delivered straight to their doorsteps. With Dironsourcing, importing becomes easier and safer.